Help Baby Birds

What Should I Do...?

... if I find a baby bird fallen from the nest?

If you have found a fledgling on the ground, check this page for more info.

If you have found one or more nestlings on the ground with no nesting material around them, it is likely that they have fallen or been displaced from their nest. You can help them by following the steps below, or you can build a false nest.

  • Step 1: Look directly above where the babies and/or nesting material was found. Look for any remnants of the nesting material in the closest structures – this may be a tree, but remember that some bird species (such as house sparrows and starlings) nest in crevices, such as vent openings, behind commercial signs, or inside roofs. You may also notice a trail of bird poop below the original nest location. If you cannot determine the nest location, stand far back from the area and watch for adult birds that may be returning to the nest location looking for their young.
  • Step 2: If you have determined the original nest location and you are able to safely access it, you can return the baby to its nest. (Do not worry if you have touched the baby. Parents will accept babies that have been handled by humans, though handling should be kept to a minimum to avoid frightening the babies.) Make sure that the other babies in the nest look the same as the one you are putting in the nest. Place the baby in the nest quickly, ensuring that it is tucked snugly in beside its siblings and is in an upright position.
  • Step 3: Monitor the nest constantly from a distance for one hour to determine if the parents are continuing to care for their babies.

If you cannot determine the original nest location, or cannot access the nest area, or the parents do not return to feed the babies within one hour, contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

... if I find birds in an abandoned nest?

... if an entire nest of birds has fallen?

... if my dog or cat brings home a baby bird?

... if I find a baby bird on the ground that can't fly?