Help Baby Birds

I've Found a Baby Bird!

Step 3 - Does the baby bird need help?

Does the baby bird need help?

If the baby is Altricial and appears healthy, go to the What Should I Do...? section for information on how to resolve common situations, unless the baby bird displays any of the following traits:

  • Is larger than a tennis ball
  • Is covered in sparse yellow or white hairs
  • Has a hooked beak or a beak longer than its head

In these cases, you should contact a wildlife rehabilitator for further advice before intervening, as different instructions may apply.

If the baby is Precocial and found on its own with no parents around, it needs help, as precocial babies normally are near their parents at all times.

If the baby is not in immediate danger, watch from a distance to make sure the parent is truly absent before intervening. Some precocial parents, like killdeer, communicate with their chicks by calling back and forth, though parents and babies may not always be right beside each other.

If you are are sure there are no parents tending to the baby, proceed to Step 4.