Help Baby Birds

I've Found a Baby Bird!

Step 5 - Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Contact a wildlife rehabilitator

Baby birds need specialized care to give them the best chances at survival in the wild. Wildlife rehabilitators can provide babies with the right kind of environment and diet to help them develop into healthy adults who can be released in the wild.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and you have found a baby bird who is:

  • Precocial (totally covered in down, such as a duck or goose)
  • bigger than a tennis ball, or
  • covered in yellow or white hairs

then contact Toronto Wildlife Centre's wildlife hotline at (416) 631 0662 and follow the voicemail prompts to leave a message for our hotline staff.

If none of the above statements are true, the baby is likely some type of songbird. Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming volume of calls and admissions, Toronto Wildlife Centre is not able to respond to any calls about or admit any baby songbirds at this time. The exceptions are the City of Markham and Township of King, with whom Toronto Wildlife Centre is contracted to provide wildlife services.

If you have found a baby songbird, there are a few wildlife rehabilitators outside of the Toronto area who specialize in songbird care and may be able to admit the baby.

Please note that wildlife rehabilitators do not have the resources to pick up animals. You will have to transport the baby to them if they are able to take it. These rehabilitators also operate solely on donations to provide care for wildlife, so please consider making a donation to help them continue their work. You can also contact your district office of the Ministry of Natural Resources for a current list of wildlife rehabilitators nearest you.

Wildlife rehabilitators that may be able to help, as resources permit:

  • Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre, Napanee
    Telephone: (613) 354 0264
  • Red Rock Circle (Monika Melichar), Minden
    Telephone: (705) 286 1133
  • Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre Inc., Mount Brydges
    Telephone: (519) 264 2440
  • Diane Babeckas, Stayner
    Telephone: (705) 428 6116

I'd like to raise the baby myself. How do I do it?